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Retro Knob Toaster Desktop Electric Oven Kitchen Household Small 10L Mini Steam Easy to Clean Appliances Home


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Brand Name: DUTRIEUX

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Novices must read micro-steaming oven tips!

Q1. Is it necessary to empty the oven for the first use?
It is recommended to adjust the temperature to 230°C for 10 minutes and put the baking tray and grill together. It is normal that there may be smoke during the empty baking, because the heating tube has a layer Protective liquid, next time you use it, there will be no smoke.
Q2. Why does the new product have a smell?
It is normal for the new machine to have a smell, because our inner cavity is anti-rust, and a layer of protective oil is attached to the surface when it leaves the factory, and it will have some smell at high temperature. Air roast for a few minutes and then turn on to diffuse the flavor.
Q3. When using online recipes, is there a difference in time and temperature?
Because the temperature is related to the size of the oven, the temperature of the inner cavity of a large-capacity oven is uneven and tends to be low. The inner cavity of the small oven is not large, and the temperature is relatively uniform, which can appropriately reduce the baking time.
Q4. What is micro steam humidification?
Add 5cc of water to the micro-steaming oven before baking. When baking, the water turns into steam, which will form a water film on the surface of the food, locking in the moisture and buttery aroma of the food. After baking with micro-steam, the taste of the baked goods is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, neither dry nor hard, which greatly improves the taste of the ingredients.
Q5. Why does the heat pipe flicker when the oven is working?
The light is the dim light emitted by the heating tube when it is working, not a lighting lamp. The oven is intelligent and constant temperature, so it is normal to be flickering, so there is no need to worry.
Q6. What is the material of the liner and what is its function?
This product has a non-stick oil coating on the surface of the inner tank, which is characterized by reducing the adhesion to the inner tank surface when the food is splashed at high temperature: enhancing the service life of the inner tank, preventing rust and easier to clean, and can be cleaned with a rag .
Q7. Is there a heating tube up and down?
This product has a quartz heating tube at the top and bottom, plus a stainless steel heating tube at the bottom, a total of three heating tubes.
Q8. How much power consumption?
The power of the product is about 1300W, and the power consumption is about 1.3 degrees for 1 hour of continuous work
Q9. Can the micro-steam oven bake cakes?
This product can bake cupcakes, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch chiffon cakes. It is recommended to use a mold below 50mm, and the height of the baked food should not exceed 55mm.
Q10. How much food can be cooked at one time?
Can make 10 chicken wings, 6 egg tarts, 6 cup cakes, 6-inch pizza, 6-inch chiffon cake, 10 cookies, 2 slices of toast, 300 grams of ribs at a time
Q11. Can you heat food?
It can be used to heat meals at ordinary times, usually at 170°C for 2-3 minutes
Q12. What is the inner cavity size?
The capacity of this product is 10L, and the inner cavity size is 275*190*95mm.

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